What to Know About Restaurant Customer Service

Customer service is a central part of any restaurant. Whether the restaurant has an excellent decor and offer the most delicious meals around if the services provided do not exceed or meet the expectations of the customers, they are likely not to come back. Houston restaurants understand that retaining customers is one way of achieving success in any sector, and when a restaurant has the best service, there are high chances that it will maintain its customers. Customer service does not only occur when the customer is served food but takes place right from the time the customers enters the premise to the time they get out.

When it comes to customer service experience, the customer is always right. This has been the golden rule in any business. Even when it is clear that the customer is on the wrong, it is never right to tell them so. It requires the restaurant staff to be apathetic as well as understanding and always be keen to listen to the complains and suggestions of customers. Issues will still arise regardless of the type or size of the restaurant. However, what will determine whether the customer will come back is the way the restaurant staff will handle the issue.

It is essential to understand that customer quality service involves all the employees working in the restaurant. Usually, it is the front of the house staff that the customer meets, but customer service includes everybody from the cooks to the maintenance crew. Good food, clean restaurant, inviting atmosphere, friendly staff are all elements of quality customer service.

As the management of a restaurant, it is essential not to do overbooking or be careful about how close the bookings are to each other. It is very upsetting for a customer to come for his meal just to be told to wait for 30 more minutes before he can get a table, yet they had a reservation. When reservations are not made correctly, it leads to filling up of the dining room which ends up putting pressure on the kitchen staff as well as leaving no room for walk-ins.

In addition to this, it is significant to get feedback from the customer concerning the services they received. A restaurant manager can go around once in a meal to ask the customers how enjoyable they find everything. However, not all customers will be happy talking about their experiences verbally. Thus, it is essential to provide them with customer comment card where they will be able to share their experiences. Customer feedback is essential as it lets the management to know which areas to improve and those that they are excelling.

Besides, the management of the restaurant must ensure that their staffs have the necessary training when it comes to customer service. When employees understand what they are supposed to, they will deliver the best services. Moreover, it is essential to award employee performance as this will motivate them even to do more. Additionally, restaurant staff must know how to handle disruptive client, which contributes to the overall customer experience.

Best Tips for Making Your Travel Easy as Pie

When it comes to traveling for work or for vacation, it can be a headache. Packing up all your items, hoping you don’t forget anything, trying to schedule transportation, and the list goes on and on. Before you let your next trip take you for a ride on that crazy train, you should consider implementing the tips below to make your travels effortlessly smooth.

The first tip we have for you is more geared toward your mental health needs. All too often we tend to consider our sleep as the last priority while traveling. We jam pack our schedules full of exciting experiences. However, when you’re tired, experiences tend to be less exhilarating than when you’re fully rested up. So, be sure to schedule adequate time for sleep when you’re traveling. Remember, that even if you can’t fall asleep, it does help to have some necessary downtime to let your body rejuvenate.

Best Tips for Making Your Travel Easy as Pie

If you’ve ever lost your luggage at the airport or on the plane, you know just how irritating it can be. Going without your clothes and other necessary essentials is not fun at all. By using a luggage delivery service, you can be assured that your luggage is properly taken care of. With these types of services, you don’t have to worry about items getting put on the wrong plan as luggage is their only goal for transportation. You can have your bags delivered ahead of time to the hotel to ensure they’re there when you arrive.

Catching a plane at the airport may require you to drive there first. If you’re comfortable leaving your car in the parking lot during your air travels, then make sure you leave early. Many economy parking lots are off-site and require extra time for you to drop your car off safely. When you park your car, do so with the front end facing out. This will ensure helpful passer byers will be able to give you a jumpstart if your car doesn’t start up when you get back from your trip. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of parking and leaving your car, simply call a taxi or get a ride from a friend.

The last tip we must make your next traveling adventure a breeze is to think about the cash you need ahead of time. If you’re traveling within the country, then you should take out some cash before you ever get on the plane or look up surcharge-free ATMs in the region which you are visiting. It’s too easy to forget about cash until you get to your destination and find yourself paying exorbitant fees for ATM withdraws.

There are many ways that you can make your traveling adventures much less of a headache. The above is just some of the easiest to implement. Realize that it all comes down to proper planning ahead of time. The more you plan out, the fewer worries you will have about unexpected hiccups in your traveling plans.