The Teleidoscope: Smoke

Much too a lot churning all around in my head now, stressing me out. And this shot turned out almost nothing like I would at first prepared. Which is just 1 more irritation in a prolonged line of them now. Grumble grumble grumble.

At least I have Florida to look forward to at the starting of January. We found ridiculously inexpensive airplane tickets, so now we get a very little respite from the Michigan winter. And hopefully I get to hold with Zee, Cirkus and Shannon whilst I am there. So appropriate now that’s the 1 thing putting a smile on my encounter.

Sundays are generally these a allow-down.

Posted by alibubba on 2010-12-05 21:ten:37

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Left wet Chicago to get there in wet LA ️ Wish my human body did not need rest so I c…

Left wet Chicago to get there in wet LA ☔️ Wish my human body did not need rest so I could do this nonstop…. until eventually the alarm goes off and I just want to go back again to my alternate-reality goals. 🔥✨ Oh! The evening just before past I dreamt Girl Di had died. I bear in mind contemplating it was previously the 3rd significant loss of life of 2017. I felt the full entire world was switching and that it would never ever be the exact. Then that felt acquainted. I thought, probably she’s in fact been lifeless for very some time. Can that be? Maybe… As I experimented with grasping at faint photos and thoughts that supported the notion- and losing them to a grey mist of uncertainty, I thought, “Is this what Alzheimer’s feels like?” Some (likely smart alecky) reply was about to come about when the alarm went off… then I did not rest past evening way too excited for my early early morning flight. Oh! Is it forty eight hours with out rest that equates to two glasses of wine, or 24? Goodnight Chicangeles! #lifeless #exhausted #LadyDi #LadyDiana #goals #rest #needsleep #lovethislife #exhaustme #workaholic #workworkwork #determination #concentrate #createchange #bethechange #ItsCornyButTrue #LA #Chicago #rain #flights #excited #beverlyhills #beverlyhillshotel #writer #actor #screenwriter #letsgetdowntobusiness #idontgotnotimetoplayaroundwhatisthis #MustBeACircusInTownLetsShutThisShitDown #CanIGetAWitness